Framing Cricket Bats

We can now frame cricket bats very
effectively with a new product as
described below. With the cricket bat
on the right we also added some photos
of the cricketer in action, and text above
with details of the stats. 
cricket bat framed 
cricket bat clip cricket bat clip  We now have a new product for holding
the cricket bat in the frame. As you can
see in the photos on the left there is a
clear acrylic holder that is attached to the
board. The bat sits in the clips at the
bottom and the handle clips in at the
top, holding the bat firmly in place.
By using this product there are no
screws or tape necessary to hold the
bat which means this is a conservation
way of keeping your bat and will not
affect it's future value. 
The cricket bat on the right we framed
in a silver frame which complemented
the silver plaque which is set
on to the bat.
There are also some action shots
running down both sides of the bat. 
  The item on the left was very unusual,
it included twelve mini bats to
be framed in one frame.
The bats are signed by the twelve teams
that took part in the ICC Champions
Trophy. We mounted them on a blue
suede board which made the bats
stand out from the background. 
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