Framed Shirts

If you have an autographed shirt,
don't hide it away in a drawer.
Framing it can not only enhance the appearance of your shirt but also protects
it from wear and tear, dirt and dust.
We can custom frame your shirt.
With over 100 colours of mount board to choose from and a number of suitable frames you should find a combination
for any style of shirt.
  If you would like us to frame your shirt you can bring or send your shirt to us and we can frame and send it back to you.
Alternatively we now have a range of Readymade Shirt Frames, which you
can select and buy online. The frames come with an acrylic hanger to hang your shirt on and are available in a number of colour options to suit your shirt.
There are many different way to lay out the shirts, with the sleeves sometimes folded across the front of the shirt, or behind. The shirts are mounted onto a backing mount and the top mount is floated above the shirt so that the shirt does not touch the glass. We can also frame your shirt with UV protection glass or acylic which cuts out 99% of UV light and reduces the risk of your shirt and signatures fading. 
With the shirts above and to the left we have inserted some text underneath in a seperate aperture describing the shirt and who had signed it. We often do this especially with shirts signed by the whole team, listing all of the players. 
As well as inserting text we can also insert photos as we have with the shirt on the right. The shirt was signed and worn by Matt Dawson in the Rugby Union World Cup Final. The photos show him in action and then holding the trophy.    
  We now have a mount cutter which can cut text and shapes directly into the mount board. With the two shirts on the left we have cut text into the mounts. 
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