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DMR Framing will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary on
Thursday the 11th of January.
David previously had been working as a picture framer for two and a half years.
Starting DMR Framing from our house in January 1993, working out of a garage
for three months we soon realised we needed to find larger business
premises, and found what is now our current base on Crownhill Business Park
in Milton Keynes. After 15 years in business we took on another business unit
adjacent to our exsisting unit which enabled us to increase our capacity
and house additional machinery, stock and staff.


DMR Framing 

From the beginning in 1993, year after year we managed to slowly
and steadily grow the business into what we have now.
Thanks to our many loyal customers some of which have been coming to
us since the beginning, we now have a thriving and steady business, which
includes individual members of the public to large multi-national companies.
DMR Framing