Leicester City Shirt Frame

Our Leicester City shirt frame picks out the colours in the shirt and club colours.
There is a double mount with a white mountboard underneath and blue mountboard above with an
arched top to follow the shape of the shirt. At the bottom is LEICESTER CITY cut into the mount.
The background mount is black which makes the shirts stand out particulary well.
The frame is easy to open from the back ready to hang your shirt.

When choosing your frame size, measure the main body of your shirt; this measurement
needs to fit into the internal mount size. For example, if your shirt measures 78cmx64cm,
this will fit into the Adult medium frame - the internal mount size measuring 79.5cmx66cm.
External frame size refers to the outside dimensions of the frame.
Internal frame size refers to the inside dimensions of the frame (glass size).
Internal mount size refers to the inside dimensions of the mount (shirt size).

Leicester City Shirt frame    Leicester City Shirt Frame
(Frame does not include shirt)