Papyrus Framing

There are many different ways to frame
papyrus. The most conventional way is
to show the whole papyrus including the
edges. There are two ways to achieving
this; the first is to sandwich the papyrus
between two pieces of glass on the
back and front. The picture on the right
and below are framed using this method,
in both cases there is approximately
50mm between the papyrus and the
frame showing the wall colour through
the glass. This works well if you have a
plain colour wall and is the method that
most museums will use.
Papyrus Framed
Papyrus framed in gold frame Another method of framing papyrus is
to mount the Papyrus onto a backing
mount. The Papyrus below is mounted
onto a blue suede mount board, this
method still allows the natural edges
of the Papyrus to be seen.
By mounting the Papyrus onto a
backing mount you can choose
almost any colour to compliment
the papyrus, this is a better choice if
your wall colour is not suitable.
All of our mount boards are acid free
so your Papyrus will be protected.

How Papyrus is made

The inner pith of the stem of Papyrus is
cut lengthways into strips and soaked in
water. The strips are then placed side by
side with a second layer placed at right
angles to the first. The two layers are then
beaten with a mallet to break down the
fibres and bond the strips together.
The sheets are left to dry under weights
for several days. The dried sheets are
polished with a flat stone to make them
smooth and ready for use.  
Papyrus Paper Framed
The Cyberus Papyrus Plant
Papyrus Plant
Inner Pith being cut into strips
Papyrus Strips
Papyrus strips being layered together
Papyrus strips
Finished Papyrus Paper being painted
Papyrus Pinted