Readymade Shirt Frame Sizes

When choosing your frame size, measure the main body of your shirt; this measurement
needs to fit into the internal mount size. For example, if your shirt measures 78cmx64cm,
this will fit into the Adult medium frame - the internal mount size measuring 79.5cmx66cm.
External frame size refers to the outside dimensions of the frame.
Internal frame size refers to the inside dimensions of the frame (glass size).
Internal mount size refers to the inside dimensions of the mount (shirt size).
Junior - External frame size: 88cmx76xm
Internal frame size: 84cmx72cm
Internal mount size: 72cmx60cm

Adult Small - External frame size: 92cmx80xm
Internal frame size: 88cmx76cm
Internal mount size:76cmx64cm

Adult Medium - External frame size: 95.5x82cm
Internal frame size: 91.5cmx78cm
Internal mount size: 79.5cmx66cm

Adult Large - External frame size: 104cmx84cm
Internal frame size: 100cmx80cm
Internal mount size: 88cmx68cm

Adult Xlarge - External frame size: 114cmx85cm
Internal frame size: 110cmx81cm
Internal mount size: 98cmx69cm