Examples of Framing

Over the years, we have framed a wide variety of items.
With the memorabilia market expanding in recent years, we have framed more
and more unusual objects such as sports shirts, swords, shoes, boxing gloves,
film cells, golf flags and even David Beckham's football boots.
Click on each picture below to view a selection of some of the items we have framed.

After all that hard work have your
tapestry or embroidery professionally
framed to protect, preserve
and display it.
We have many years experience in
framing tapestries and embroideries.
We can stretch them professionally if
you prefer not to lace them your self.
Framed shirts
Cricket Bats framed
Our framers are Fine Art Trade Guild
Commended Framers making them
very well qualified in framing almost
anyhthing, with our main framer having
over thirty years experience.
So whether you have an original painting
to frame such as the one on the left or a
print or poster you can rest assured your
item will be framed professionally to the
standard required.
For original or valuable works of art we
can offer conservation or museum quality
of framing to protect your item for future
generations; this includes UV glass which
gives protection from harmful UV light.

We can frame almost anything including:

  • Prints and Posters
  • Limited editions and Original art
  • Tapestries and Embroideries
  • Oil paintings and Giclee prints
  • Papyrus and Silks
  • Photography
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Memorabilia and Sports shirts
  • Mirrors made to any size
  • Stretching Canvas
  • MDF Block mounting
Framing medals 
Sports memorabilia We are specialists in framing sports
memorabilia; items we have framed
have included Matt Dawsons world cup
winning match worn shirt, Lionel Messi
football boots, Wembley stadium seats,
Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves &
Ian Botham's Cricket Bat.
For deep objects such as boots, gloves
& caps we have an acrylic dome which
raises up from the frame allowing
the whole piece to be seen.
All of the sports items we frame are
mounted to conservation level ensuring
the furure value of your items.