Picture Mounts

All our mounts are cut with some of the latest technology which enables us to
produce high quality mounts. The machine below is one of the computerised
mount cutters we use, which enables us to cut almost any shape in a mount with
high precision. It cuts at 500mm a second enabling us to supply high volume
mounts with speed.

(A range of picture mounts will be available to buy online very soon)

Why use a picture mount
There are two main reasons - one is aesthetic and the other is protective.
From an aesthetic point of view, the picture mount provides a 'visual break' between the picture and the frame. From a protective point of view, the picture mount provides a 'breathing space' between the glass and the image.
Most framers have seen the damage that can be caused to a photograph or oil
based painting pressed up against the glass.
We can cut almost any shape and
design into a mount including lettering.
All the standard Mountboards are made
from chemically treated pulp using high
pH sizing and essentially lignin free,
and are ideal for most prints and pictures.
Our museum range is made entirely from 100% pure cotton fibres, and
therefore is ideal for Conservation
and Museum framing, Originals,
Limited Edition Prints or any
valuable pictures.
We have endeavoured to make the
Mountboards shown to be as close
as possible to the true colour.
We have a large range of mountboard
with over 90 different colours, a range
of metallic boards, a range of suede covered boards, boards with a black centre core and a range of museum
board for more valuable items.